Mazaeus Saffron

Mazaeus Persian Saffron | 10 grams

  • $5.50 per gram
  • Premium Grade 1 |  Negin All-Red Saffron in a Luxury Gold Tin
  • Tested for safranal (AROMA), crocin (COLOR), and picocrocin (FLAVOR) according to ISO 3632 to guarantee OPTIMAL experience | View our LAB ANALYSIS
  • Organically Grown, Harvested by Hand from the Fertile Fields of Herat, Naturally Dried for Maximum Longevity | 3-4 Year SHELF LIFE
  • Prized by Chefs and Home-Cooks Alike | Perfect for Tea, Rice, Marinades, Paella, Desserts, etc
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee | if you are not satisfied with your Mazaeus Saffron, we will refund or replace your purchase, as requested